What Is Living Beyond Autism?
I am an 18+ year military veteran & my wife is a dedicated mom of two and we wanted to provide hope and support to the families of those who are struggling with Autism. We started this website to enable us to help as many people as we can.
As parents of a child who is struggling with Autism, we know first hand the trials and tribulations that come with that. Almost every doctor we saw told us that there was no hope and we were stuck with what we had. We chose not to believe this and to go out looking for answers on our own. Thankfully, we were able to find doctors who were willing to help us find programs, supplements & treatments that helped.
We first noticed something not quite right with our son a little after his shots at a year and a half...surprise, surprise. Naturally, we just wanted to believe that he was delayed and would eventually catch up. He wasn't walking at one year old, but he did around 13 months old. So, we weren't too worried about things.
After a visit to the doctor, we were told that our son would need ABA, speech and occupational therapies. Again, we hoped this would just be a slight delay and that the therapies would quickly remedy the problem.
We were wrong, again. The lack of speech, awkward actions and him not sleeping at night were taking a toll on our family. We were tired and stressed out, beyond what we thought was possible. All we were hearing from the "doctors" was that this was our lot in life and we just needed to get used to it.
We decided not to listen to the "doctors" and just give up trying to make our son's life better. That's what their medical books told them and we just couldn't accept that. We searched the internet and found ways to help our son that the "doctors" said just wasn't worth trying.
While we were doing our research and searching for ways to help our son, we didn't notice our health slowly getting a little worse, bit by bit. We were constantly tired and we both started gaining weight, due to all of the stress and the constant activity we had to do everyday.
Today, we have a lot more hope for the future than we ever thought we'd have when this journey began and we're feeling a whole lot better than we did before. Is our son where we want him right now? No. Is he on the way? Yes. When will he get there? We don't know, but we're not stopping until he does!
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