Dick Docking and Penis Rubbing 2: Foreskin. Concern

Dick Docking and Penis Rubbing 2: Foreskin. Concern


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Because of your final response.

Which is my time that is second I this concern.

I have re-done a research that is thorough the physiology of male genitalia. Simply speaking, as it happens that information out there is inconsistent. In Wikipedia, two split entries of Foreskin’ and Mucous membrane’ yield contradictory outcomes: the previous claims the glans penis (head of this penis) and glans clitoridis in addition to within the prepuce (foreskin) and hood that is clitoral maybe maybe not mucous membranes’, although the latter says that the internal foreskin is a mucous membrane layer such as the within the eyelid or perhaps the lips. ‘ in addition, in accordance with glans penis’ of wikipedia, The epithelium regarding the glans penis is mucocutaneous tissue.’

By the means we found out that the foreskin consists of Langerhans cells that are defined as receptor of HIV virus (these records arises from OU Handbook of GUM and HIV medicine).

We have talked about these problems having a psychiatrist (this is because i shouldn’t be doing penis-to-penis side-along rubbing and penis docking any more because `it’s rubbing of mucosal tissues that I feel I’m extremely worried over the whole HIV/STD thingy) who warned me. HIV/STD virus is likely to pass between. Why could you just simply simply take such risks?’

In your final answer (reply that is final), you stated that the transmission chance of dick-docking is actually nonexistent and implied that penis-to-penis side-along rubbing does perhaps not pose any transmission danger as the only mucous membrane layer regarding the whole dick (including shaft, foreskin, glans penis) could be the liner associated with the urethra through the pee-hole up into the bladder. Continue reading Dick Docking and Penis Rubbing 2: Foreskin. Concern