5 Reasons Why You're Tired...And How YOU Can Change It!
Almost 40% of Americans suffer in some fashion from fatigue and others have named fatigue as one of their major health concerns.
More and more people are saying:

- Even though they have slept, they are still tired.

- An inability to sleep, even though they are EXTREMELY tired.

- Unable to remember things, can't focus & they're depressed.

While not too big of a deal, when it happens occasionally, the cumulative effects of fatigue can cause major problems.
Have you ever not had a good night of rest and just felt like you were going through your day in a daze? Probably so. Now, imagine day after day is like that for you. This is chronic fatigue.
This is what life was like for me. I wouldn't get a good night's sleep, then have to wake up and go to work. When I would get home from work, I was EXHAUSTED. I didn't want to spend time with my wife and kids, because it was just too tiring to try to fake interest in what was going on.

I looked forward to the time to go to bed, so I could HOPEFULLY get some sleep...

...But I just didn't get good sleep and the cycle started over again the next day.
I was glad to find that this didn't have to go on for the rest of my life. There were things I could do to help myself out.
5 Problem Areas
1. Lack of Quality Sleep

Let's face it, your body NEEDS sleep. You can't survive without food, water and air, but we overlook sleep.

Adults generally need 7-9 hours of sleep a night. The lack of sleep just doesn't affect your mental & physical performance, it actually starts affecting your body over time. Things stop working like they're supposed to and your body starts to break down.

Simply put, you NEED good rest.
2. Bad Diet

Nutrition is something people KNOW is important, but they just don't incorporate it into their daily lives.

A lack of necessary vitamins and nutrients can leave you feeling depleted and run down.

Focus on eating foods from the outside of the grocery store, versus the aisles in the middle of the store.

Avoiding fast food is a no-brainer. It is NECESSARY to avoid it, if you want to focus on improving your health.

The problem is, it's easy (no cooking required), available (can't throw a rock without hitting a fast food restaurant) & tough to get away from (for the previous reasons listed).

Taking charge of your diet is a VITAL part of improving your health and energy.
3. Little/No Exercise
Getting up and moving is a huge part of better health and more energy.

Your body needs 20-30 minutes a day of exercise.

You'll feel exhausted at first and won't want to continue working out, but keep at it. It will get easier and you'll start feeling better.
4. Supplements
Supplements are an important part of a healthy lifestyle.

Our bodies stop producing some nutrients as we age and our diet is usually lacking other important nutrients.

They are a natural way to increase the effectiveness of your immune system, protect against oxidative stress and make up for the nutrient deficit in our diet.
5. Stress
Getting rid of or managing stress in your life is super important.

Stress can completely wreck your body. Your immune system is weakened, you can't sleep well and your body just starts to break down, when you are under constant stress.

Exercise is a great way to reduce stress in your life, PLUS you get the benefits of exercise.

Aaron Kozmits

"...It feels so good, to feel so good again."

Sallie Marie

"...My pain level was at a 9-9.5. This stuff works, I thank God for it. This is literally a miracle for me."

Maria McCay

"...I was looking for something to help with my knees & joints...That wasn't taking medicine everyday."
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