Tools We Use
Here are a few of the tools we used along the way
For The Medical-Related Tools, Please Contact Your Doctor Before Starting Use!!!
NordVPN isn't related in any way to Autism. So why are you seeing it here? We use it when on the road at conferences/doctor's visits and anytime we're not at home. There is usually "free" internet on the road. But who is spying on you or monitoring what you are doing? Did they get a hold of your personal info, bank accounts & passwords? This is the best way we found to prevent getting hacked when using unsecured networks.

IonCleanse is something we were skeptical about at first. We first head about this product at the Autism Education Summit. It is basically a detox. It uses an ion charge in a foot bath to mobilize toxins around in your body. Once the toxins are mobilized, it is easier for the body to rid itself of them.


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